What is Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy?


HBOT (Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy) is given to individuals to appropriate 100% perfect oxygen on the grounds that is a standout amongst the most essential and vital supplement for the platelets and the tissues in our physique. The point when in a closed chamber inside a stipulated barometrical force one gains perfect oxygen through breathing and it helps exceptionally in the mending methodology. HBOT as a medication is broadly utilized not simply for tumor however to battle autism, burn injuries, damages and contagion in and around the tissues to name a couple.

How to fight cancer with HBOT?

Radiotherapy we all know is one of the fundamental medications for malignancy. Radiotherapy is utilized primarily to harm the disease units in the range that gets influenced by malignancy however simultaneously harms the red platelets and the tissues in and around that region. Because of this effect, the red platelets and the tissues get in part harmed which brings about a much diminishment in the stream of oxygen to those territories.

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Causes of Heart Disease


So what leads to heart disease? The most important function of the arteries and veins is to ferry blood between the heart and the various other organs of our body. When blockages start to develop in these blood vessels, due to build-up of deposits of fatty substances in their inner walls, they become narrow and inflexible, lessening their ability to supply blood.

This phenomenon of hardening of the arteries is what is referred to as Atherosclerosis. In this blocked condition, the blood vessels are more prone to develop blood clots as well. The result is that they end up being incapable of supplying sufficient blood to the heart and to the brain, resulting in the damage of these life-giving organs.

So, what causes this fatty build-up that ends up having such horrifying consequences? The culprits are well-known and completely controllable and even avoidable. Smoking and any other form of tobacco use, lack of exercise and leading an inactive life and an unhealthy diet high in harmful fats are the most important causes of heart disease.

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Orthopaedic problems


Orthopaedic problems in earlier times were confined to older and aged people. But recently, these problems have been observed in kids and young people as well. It is said that these problems are increasing due to stressful work schedules and lack of exercises. With advancement of technology, people have reduced physical effort in day to day lives. There is much kind of orthopaedic problems that individuals are experiencing such as Plica syndrome, arthritis etc.

Plica Syndrome –Plica syndrome causes the irritation and inflammation which are a result of over used synovial tissues or plicae in the knee. The primary symptoms are weakness in the knee, swelling, and discomfort. In case, plica syndrome is acute them arthroscopy is prescribed to the patients.

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